TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS Safe School Reporting

Safe School Reporting

Reporting Guidelines

Please report safety concerns here. On campus or off campus concerns can be noted here at any time. Examples of concerns may be ice in the parking lot or concerns about student conduct on campus. Bullying can be reported in this manner and will be dealt with when specifics are supplied in the report. Please note that if you are concerned for your own safety or the safety of another Wolf Creek student, we urge you to contact the charter school director immediately or contact 9-1-1- if appropriate.

Steps For Reporting

If you leave specific information we can assist more effectively. We know and understand that some people feel the need to report in an anonymous manner but we urge students and parents to reach out to school staff if at all possible.

Timeline for response

This formn is to be used for general concerns about safety issues on or off campus and will be checked during school calendar days, within 48 hours. If you need assistance in a quicker manner, please contact the charter school director or the proper authorities.

Charter School Director Tracy L Quarnstrom 651-213-2017

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