TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS Grades 9-12 Courses

Grades 9-12 Courses Offered

Subject Area
Credits Required
4.0 Credits
Social Studies
4.0 Credits
3.0 Credits
3.0 Credits
1.0 Credit
Physical Education
1.0 Credit
1.0 Credit
0.5 Credit
0.25 Credit
8.25 Credit

Students must earn a minimum of 6.5 credits in each (grade 9-12) to be on track to graduate after four years. For graduation 26 credits must be earned in specific classes, subject areas and standards.

Diplomas will be granted when the student meets all graduation requirements and/or obligations. It is the school district policy #613; to receive a diploma, a student must:

  1. Meet Standard-Based Accountability Assessments per state requirements or higher guidelines.
  2. Complete 26 course credit requirements in specified classes, as established by the school board.
  3. Return all materials and pay all fines, charges, etc.

Minnesota Approved Providers offer online learning courses and programs that are rigorous, aligned with state academic standards, and contribute to grade progression in a single subject. The online provider must give the commissioner written assurance annually that: (1) all courses meet state academic standards; and (2) the online learning curriculum, instruction, and assessment, expectations for actual teacher-contact time or other student-to-teacher communication, and academic support meet nationally recognized professional standards and are described as such in an online course syllabus that meets the commissioner’s requirements.