TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School?

    TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School #4095 is a tuition-free public charter school authorized by Chisago Lakes School District #2144. Wolf Creek is fully accredited by NCA through Advanced Ed. Instruction is technology based and all school work can be completed off campus. Our curriculum is available 24/7 over the internet but students have the option to work on campus each week. For students to be most successful they must spend a minimum 25 hours a week on class assignments. It is recommended that students spend five hours per week on campus; this time can include individual and group projects, technology workshops, testing, concurrent class time, and goal planning sessions. Some students will choose to come to campus, while other students are successful completing all coursework via “distance learning”.

    Our school is based on a “small community” philosophy. Students are led by one individual who helps them in academic, as well as, non-academic areas of their lives. This caring individual is called a Learning Manager and is the center of our school model. Our small school philosophy is shown in our student-to-teacher ratio of approximately twenty five students per Learning Manager. This Minnesota licensed teacher works in partnership with students and their families to develop and individualize graduation plans and calendars. Learning goals are aligned with state and district requirements, as well as, curriculum outcomes. Our online courses offer the same rigorous academic standards that a student would receive at an on campus high school.

  • Who is the authorizer of TRIO Wolf Creek?

    TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School #4095 is a tuition-free public charter school authorized by Chisago Lakes School District #2144; since June 2002. Questions regarding the authorizer can be directed to Sarah Schmidt at Chisago Lakes School District at 651-213-2005 or visit their website at (quick link to Authorizer page)

  • What type of student enrolls at TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS?

    Wolf Creek students come from many different walks of life and we are here to support each individual student, no matter their past experiences with school. From PSEO students to those who are working on retaking a few courses, Wolf Creek is a school option for students who need a change from the traditional classroom setting.

  • What do I need to know before enrolling my student?

    The learner’s goal in this program is to achieve a NCA accredited High School diploma.

    Students need to have access to a computer with the capacity to meet the requirements set forth in the program. At a minimum the student will need internet access should have an e-mail account and Word document capability.

    The Learning Manager will coordinate the learning by assigning various learning modules, readings, projects, and activities. Communication with the student and family will occur mainly through e-mail or the telephone. It is required that there will be ongoing communication, both from the family/student and from the Learning Manager. The Learning Manager will keep the families updated on student progress. Families/students will be informed about how and when the Learning Manager can be reached if emergencies, concerns or problems should arise.

    Parents/guardians of distance learners must have significant involvement to help assure the student’s success. They must be available to help on a daily basis, as well as for special project assignments.

    A minimum of 20-25 hours per week on school work is needed for distance learning. It may be necessary for students to increase the time to document adequate progress throughout the year. Students may work on their coursework during the day, evenings, weekends, or holidays (Anytime 24-7). The instructors will monitor and document the lesson content, time on task and accuracy of the work completed. Students not attending to their school work will be put on academic probation and then will be referred to county truancy officers as appropriate.

    Academic progress will be reported to the parent/guardian and student at weekly intervals. Report cards will be mailed home at the conclusion of each quarter. Parents/guardians, as well as students, should also be checking academic progress weekly through the online grade book. Students who are not independently motivated and conscientious about their work can fall behind and not receive credit due to lack of work completion. A student will earn a diploma when the credit requirements for graduation have been met.

    Students may participate in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities via an agreement with any school that is willing to enter into a cooperative agreement with Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek requires families to find a school willing to enter into an agreement and Wolf Creek is not responsible for creating such a cooperative. Please note that most schools are not able or willing to enter into a cooperative agreement due to MSHSL rules and regulations. Wolf Creek requires that students interested in participating in a sport/activity through the cooperative agreement with Chisago Lakes must notify the Charter School Director at least one month before the first practice for the sport/activity. In addition, the student must pay $50.00 to Wolf Creek for the paperwork involved in registering with the MSHSL. If the student participates in the sport/activity for at least one month they will be refunded $25.00 from Wolf Creek . All other Chisago Lakes fees pertaining to sports/activities will apply to the student as well.

    See Procedure 123 for more detail

    Procedure 123: Activities Participation Procedure

    The transcript of a student graduating from TRIO Wolf Creek Charter School #4095 will show all courses completed. These courses will apply to a student’s overall grade point average (GPA). Home school grades will not count toward a GPA on the student transcript, but will be evaluated for equivalency for purposes of determining the placement of a student, courses to take, credits and standards. Class rank for Wolf Creek students will be calculated using only full-time students as markers.

    Students planning on attending college should arrange with our Dean of Students to take the ACT and/or SAT test, as most post-secondary schools use the data from these tests for admission and placement purposes.

    Distance learning is not for everyone. Students who are highly motivated and conscientious about completing their work will be successful.

  • How and when can I enroll?

    There are a limited number of enrollment positions available. Applications are accepted before the start of the school year and at the beginning of each quarter. Throughout the school year students will be expected to be on campus for assigned testing dates and must arrange transportation to and from Wolf Creek for those days.

    Students enrolled in another public school and can use Wolf Creek as an Online Learning Provider to access online learning curriculum in accordance with the online learning legislation. Students must complete all paperwork and follow all procedures as outlined in the most recent format of the legislation.

    Based on policy 624, as a charter school entity TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School will accept enrollment based on 85% enrolling students and 15% providing students (Supplemental services). As a charter school, TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School may close for enrollment when the student numbers warrant closure. A lottery will be held each spring if necessary for enrollment purposes. Priority enrollment will be given to students enrolled the previous year at the charter school and siblings of students enrolled the previous year at the charter school. After that lottery or enrollment period students will be accepted on a first come-first serve basis. When necessary a waiting list will be created based on these same principals. TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School will accept enrollment until full based on predetermined student numbers and staffing capacities.

  • What is a Learning Manager?

    A learning manager at Wolf Creek is a caring individual who is assigned to each student upon enrollment. Learning Managers at Wolf Creek are MN licensed educators who serve as a guide for students in course planning, progress monitoring, coaching, motivating, and planning for life beyond high school. Additionally, Learning Managers are also content area teachers in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, or Special Education courses.

  • How can I attend an online school?

    An online school is different from a regular school where you are physically sitting in a classroom and your attendance is taken. At Wolf Creek, student attendance comes from the amount of work you are completing each week in your courses, or time spent on our on-campus facility. Each course is structured into weekly assignments, allowing students to work at their own pace each week to maintain attendance. 25 hours of work each week is a solid average for expectations.

  • What are some recommendations for attending?
    • Student has basic computer competencies including word processing, e-mail, etc.
    • Parent is available for supervision.
    • Student is conscientious about completing work and can work independently.
    • Student history indicates distance learning may be a beneficial alternative.
    • Student does not have a history of truancy problems.