What is the Wolf Creek Difference
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Wolf Creek Pride - What is the Wolf Creek Difference?

We are often asked, “What makes Wolf Creek Online High School different than other online schools.

There are so many things that we offer with our learning experience that elevate us, and the most redeeming quality about our school is twofold.

  1. We were the first hybrid online school in MN – Established in 2002 we were teaching virtually, long before online learning was a trend. We have been refining our practice and educating kids in this format for almost two decades. We embrace an advisor style with our “learning managers” model, allowing each student to have a caring adult in their school lives. This ensures that each student has access to support both academically, and emotionally.
  2. We have an actual campus - Our campus allows for one-to-one interaction, as well as a number of ways to stay connected and engaged. Wolf Creek Online is a tuition-free hybrid online charter high school authorized by Chisago Lakes School. We are accredited by NCA through Advanced Ed. Our school is based on a ”small community” philosophy. Students are led by one individual who helps them in academic, as well as, non-academic areas of their lives. This caring individual is called a Learning Manager and is the center of our school model. Our instruction is technology-based and the curriculum is available online 24/7. The course work can be completed off campus but students have the option to work on campus as well.

We also participate in ongoing support to learn how to best care for our students. EmpowerU it’s just one of those opportunities that allow for the ultimate in support for our students. In this blog, you will find out a little bit more about what we learned recently on the importance of supporting students with an abundance of care.

These times are certain for everyone and call for a new demand for self-care, attention to emotions, and the ability to adapt.

We at Wolf Creek online learning high school seek every opportunity for self-development, professional development and strive to be the best we can be for our students and their families.

That is the Wolf Creek difference.