Mindful Weekend Wellness
Mindful Weekend Wellness – Tasha’s Tips

We so much unease and change around us, it can be helpful to focus on self. Even engaging in simple acts of self-care can help us to ride whatever situation or intense emotions we are experiencing.

Try to complete an action or choice from each category of self-care daily.

  • Mind: one action that can engage your mind in a healthy way
    • - listen to music, engage in a hobby or activity you enjoy, journal, make a to do list with 3 tasks, practice positive self-talk: "This too shall pass", or "I can learn from my challenges and find a way to overcome them.
  • Body: one action that can engage your body in a healthy way
    • - take a 10-20 min. walk outside, drink water instead of pop or energy drinks, set a bedtime routine, yoga or stretching
  • Soul: one action that can engage your soul in a health way

Tasha works for the local Family Based Therapy and Associates was nominated by Wolf Creek Online High school where she also sees clients. Wolf Creek has utilized Tasha's skills for several school years and offered unique mental health services both on campus and via telehealth during this time in our history.