Wolf Creek Online HS Admission Procedure
Admission Procedure
  • Student submits an application to Wolf Creek.
  • Student is accepted or placed on the waiting list at this point.
  • If on the waiting list (see notations below) student follows waiting list procedures until they are accepted.
  • Once accepted, student has 7 calendar days to reply and accept position at Wolf Creek and return paperwork. If student does not return paperwork in the allotted amount of time the student loses their position at Wolf Creek.
  • The charter school will give equal preference to the categories of a sibling of an enrolled pupil and foster child(ren) of that pupil’s parents; and to children of the charter school’s staff.

The charter school will not limit admission of pupils on the basis of intellectual ability, the measure of achievement or aptitude, or athletic ability and may not establish any criteria or requirements for admission that are inconsistent with MN Statute 124E.11 pertaining to Admissions Requirements and Enrollment for Charter Schools.

Lottery Dates – 2021-22 Academic Year

Wolf Creek Online High School will hold its yearly enrollment lottery for new student enrollment positions for the Fall of 2021 on February 9th, 2021. (All returning supplemental students must re-apply.)

The sibling preference lottery will be held the prior day.

All applicants should apply by these dates.

Once a student is enrolled in the school, the student is considered enrolled in the school until the student formally withdraws or is expelled under the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act in sections 121A.40 to 121A.56

Questions – contact Brenda Swanson at bswanson@wolfcreekhs.org

Lottery Policy

Waiting List Procedures

  • Wolf Creek School may create two waiting lists; one for full-time students, one for students receiving “supplemental services”.
  • In addition, preference may be given to supplemental students wishing to move to full-time status after the period of one term.
  • It will be the responsibility of both the Director and Dean of Students to maintain the waiting lists and inform parents of their status on the list periodically.
  • Based on the fact that another school within 5 miles offers grade levels similar to Wolf Creek we will not be granting geographical preference for students.
  • Any student on the TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School waiting list will be notified when a position has opened for them to enroll both by phone and mail. They will have 7 calendar days in which to respond that they would like to enroll at Wolf Creek or decline the position. If the student/parent does not respond within 7 calendar days their name will be removed from the waiting list at that time and another student may take their enrollment place.