Online Learning And ADHD

ADHD Student Online Learning Success Story

Family Picture"Our family heard about Wolf Creek this past summer when we were planning on our 10th-grade son returning to traditional high school. He has struggled the last 3 years with anxiety, mostly stemming from his ADHD. Once he moved from elementary to middle school, his delay in Executive Function skills was apparent. We had him enrolled in a private school for 8th and 9th grade but we had moved and that was no longer available.

He started at the high school in our town and within the first week, it was clear that the school would not have enough support to help him succeed. While he has a 504 plan, the accommodations weren't personal enough. The high school staff was overwhelmed by doing hybrid and online learning.

We reached out to Wolf Creek and they had him enrolled in one day. It was such a relief. Not only have they been doing online school for 20 years, so their curriculum is designed for this type of learning, but each student has a learning manager. I told Lindsay, our son's manager, that I loved her before we even met. As a mom of a kiddo with learning differences, this partnership is a total game-changer. She keeps track of his progress, offers help often, is an advocate for him with other teachers, and mostly helps me keep him accountable!!!! It is so, so helpful to have someone to partner with.

Wolf Creek can accommodate 504 plans and IEPs, but honestly, it hasn't been necessary at this point.

One size fits all schools are just not the best choice for so many kids...I love the flexibility and quality of help Wolf Creek provides. I think all educators want students to succeed. At Wolf Creek, there is a really personal connection to help kids do so." – Julie Kramer