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Tracy's Tips Happy Sunday

Happy #SunDay! How are you going to spend your last day before the week starts? Check out Tracy’s Tips on the top 5 ways to prepare for a successful week!

  1. Get rest – Research shows that a restful mind is a successful mind!
  2. Reduce Stress – The school week can be stressful at times. Take Sunday to be calm and relax.
  3. Do Something Different – When you are preparing for a week, you will be doing similar activities like class and homework, take the weekend to do something different; take a hike, plan a picnic, do an art project, bake cookies.
  4. Self Care –Self-care can be as simple as exercise or taking a trip to the salon or barber. When you feel polished, your work is polished too!
  5. Write a List – Planning for the week ahead with your to-do list can really help with time management and efficiency. Make a prioritized list of your most pressing tasks and feel a sense of accomplishment when you check them off!

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