MN High School Blog Post
Top 4 Reasons Why I Love Being a Learning Manager at Wolf Creek
  1. Getting to Know Students

As a Learning Manager, I’m able to get to know my students really well because communication isn’t limited to conversations in a classroom. My interactions with students occur in-person, via Google Chat, via Google Meet, via text, through phone calls, and through e-mails. We’re able to target communications using the students’ preferred medium(s).

2. Watching Students Grow

At Wolf Creek, each Learning Manager has a group of students that they work with. And although I am a teacher and an advisor in a sense, I’m also a cheerleader and support system. I’m the go-to person for my students and I work to ensure that my students find success. We see our students grow in so many ways because we are there for the start of each student’s educational journey, we are there for the duration of the student’s educational journey, and we help get the student across the finish line.

3. Being Part of a Community

I look forward to being on campus each week not only because I am eager to check in with students and assist them with assignments when needed, but also because my colleagues are amiable, considerate, and resourceful. There’s a true sense of connectedness at Wolf Creek. We all want what’s best for our students and for that reason, we are a close-knit community with common goals.

4. The Overall Environment

Although Wolf Creek is an online school, we do have a physical campus location. When students walk into the building, they are often greeted by name. We like to recognize each individual student and make sure that they feel welcome. Our Great Room, where students can take a break from their studies and socialize with friends, gives off cozy vibes with cushioned seating and a roaring fireplace (used in colder months). And the scenery! Behind the school, there’s a gorgeous view. I love to eat my lunch while watching the various forms of wildlife venture in and out of the fields. And sitting in the dining area each day just gives me another opportunity to connect with students and get to know them.

--Chloe Jackson, Learning Manager