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The Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents
The Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents has recognized local licensed marriage and family therapist, Tasha Barnes for an award of supplies for working with adolescents during the pandemic.

Tasha works for the local Family Based Therapy and Associates and was nominated by Wolf Creek Online High school where she also sees clients. Wolf Creek has utilized Tasha's skills for several school years and offered unique mental health services both on campus and via telehealth during this time in our history.

Her nomination from Director Tracy Quarnstrom included the following notations; "Natasha has worked with students at a local charter school for over 7 years. She has been flexible in holding 15-minute appointments to full-hour therapy sessions. She believes in the mission of alternative education and works hard to practice mental health standards and meet the needs of alternative students at the same time. She has during the COVID 19 pandemic completely changed her method of delivery for mental health services and moved to telehealth with ease to ensure that students at Wolf Creek online high school and other clients were served in a time of crisis. She is able to see the need for services and the barrier that some forms of mental health pose and worked hard to ensure that all clients' needs are met with authenticity. She is deserving of this award in so many ways during this time in our nation's history."

Tasha has worked at Wolf Creek for years and continues to be a valuable asset to the Wolf Creek success formula. All students at Wolf Creek are offered an array of counseling services to help them succeed. Wolf Creek is a public charter school option that strongly believes that working with the whole student is the key to success. Students receive credit for attending sessions with counselors and exploring development goals.