MN High School Blog Post
Spring Success

Tasha Barnes

As spring approaches and cabin fever sets in, it is a great time to practice new habits to keep you focused and create success through the end of the school year!

Natasha Barnes, MS, LMFT, shares some tips with Wolf Creek Online High School on this subject. Remember, first and foremost that your learning manager is here to support you and keep you on track so always reach out when you are feeling distracted or need assistance with a topic!

  1. Create a learning space that is separate from your bedroom, that has minimal distractions and good lighting.
  2. I believe having a schedule for when you work on schoolwork is important.
  3. We know from research that we can sustain good attention and focus for about 45 min, then we need a break.
  4. Time your break for relaxation or a small reward (getting a snack, etc), then get back to keeping your schedule.
  5. One of the biggest keys to success is learning to ask for help when you need it, which is called advocating for yourself.
  6. Lastly, makes short to-do lists, 2-3 assignments or tasks, cross off each as completed.

Tasha sees clients at the local Family Based Therapy and Associates and was nominated by Wolf Creek Online High School for recognition from The Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents. Wolf Creek has utilized Tasha's skills for several school years and has offered unique mental health services both on campus and via telehealth during this time.