TRIO Wolf Creek HS Enrollment Form & Information
Enrollment Form & Information

2021-2022 term dates (See the admission procedure for more information)

  • Term 1: September 7 - November 5
  • Term 2: November 9 - January 21
  • Term 3: January 25 - April 1
  • Term 4: April 5 - June 7 (Graduation 2022: June 10)

* Indicates Required Fields


** Please ensure that you continue attendance at your current school placement while this application is being processed; this process may take up to two weeks.

 *Student is enrolling full-time at TRIO Wolf Creek Charter School
 **Student is using the Supplementary Services legislative option.
 ***Student is Over-Enrolling at a Tuition Cost.
  • * Full-time enrollment: MN students in grade 9-12+ are enrolled only at Wolf Creek Online High School. This is tuition free and solely funded by state education tax dollars and uses the normal funding formula.
  • ** Supplemental/part-time enrollment: MN students in grade 9-12+ must be enrolled as a full-time student at another public high school to participate in part-time enrollment. Classes with Wolf Creek will take the place of courses at the full-time school. This is tuition free and solely funded by state education tax dollars using the Online Learning Law.
  • *** For Tuition Pay enrollment: MN students in grade 9-12+ have a full schedule at another public high school but need to take more credits than state education tax dollars will allow.

(Based on policy 624, as a charter school entity, TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School will accept enrollment based on 85% comprehensive students and 15% supplemental students.)

Please note that Wolf Creek reserves the right to start students at the beginning of each term and when enrollment space is available.

When enrolling in a Wolf Creek class, the parents and student commit to using Wolf Creek curriculum for individual academic purposes only. Any duplication of Wolf Creek curriculum for other purposes will be considered illegal use of copyrighted material.

For tuition based students:

The fee per half credit class is $499. Under special circumstances, the Director can adjust the fee. Full payment must be received at least 1 week before the start date. If a student requests a refund within five days of starting the course a 50% refund will be issued. Lastly, if payment does not clear the bank grades will be withheld from the student.

Upon receipt of this Application Form the student will be sent an Enrollment Packet via email. The information in the enrollment packet must be completed prior to scheduling a meeting to develop graduation plans and to starting school at Wolf Creek. Please be advised that this process can take up to two weeks, it is beneficial to complete the packet as soon as possible.

If the Enrollment Packet is not competed and returned within 7 calendar days, the student’s enrollment position at Wolf Creek may be forfeited.

** Wolf Creek does not discriminate the ability for a student to enroll in Wolf Creek based on race, ability, economic status, or other factors that are not allowed under Minnesota law.

Next steps after hitting submit on this application.
Please note that if room allows enrollment to occur, you will receive an email notice of acceptance by the charter school. Please also note that the charter school will send additional enrollment paperwork that must be submitted in a timely manner to fully enroll and start classes in the charter school. By law, a student is not fully enrolled until all paperwork is submitted and reviewed by the charter school. If you do not receive the notice and enrollment forms in a timely manner please contact the charter school at If you prefer to submit via mail or personally, please use this printable form linked below.

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