TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Wolf Creek, though a small part of my everyday life has given me the opportunity to learn who I am, show who I am, make connections, have experiences in this world, spend my time how I wish, all while learning on my own curve, with a close learning manager who is there for me and willing to help me whenever I need it. This school has been such a big impact on me by allowing me to choose the amount of time it takes for me, and when I take that time. Conventional school systems lock us in for 35-40 hours a week, following their schedule and doing what we're told, but now I have spent that time learning who I am and what I want to do in life, while learning the things I would have in the 35-40 hours a week, at my own pace.
Mikka (Student), North Branch, MN
I work at a faster pace than a normal school design, and I was always drawing or doing other things in normal school because I would finish early. But I couldn't work ahead of other students, so I still had to go 5 times a week. This doesn't leave much free time at home or for work, and I take an ADHD med that affects me badly when I do physical work. I like the flexibility of classes and the ability to move at my pace, not other students. I plan for doing schoolwork every Tuesday, Thursday, and the occasional Saturday, and work every other day of the week.
Sam (Student), Forest Lake, MN
Our family is so thankful to have found Wolf Creek! Traditional school was not a good fit for our son for a variety of reasons...add in the hybrid and distance learning situations and it got worse. Wolf Creek’s online curriculum is really well organized, their teachers and learning managers are ALWAYS available and so happy to help. Having someone who helps keep track of our son’s progress (other than me) has been such a huge help. Wolf Creek is so adaptable, to a variety of learning styles...what a great school! Thank you!
Julie (Parent), Wyoming, MN
I have always struggled with doing my work in school. I've also always wanted to be an online student because it gives me more freedom with my studies. I also love the fact that I can be on my own schedule and Wolf Creek has definitely helped me with that. I get to spend more time with my family and friends as well which is very important to me. Overall I think being with Wolf Creek has taught me a lot of responsibility and independence.
Lily (Student), Monticello, MN
I was first recommended to Wolf Creek through a church friend who was at the school a few years back for about a year. She spoke very highly of it, and I was already looking for more of a structured school setting. I was previously homeschooled and thought online school was a great option. Wolf Creek works for me because there are deadlines and teachers who are willing to help, but there is also quite a bit of flexibility which I really like because it allows me to take random breaks at different hours on different days or take a day off and double up the next day. I like the classes that the school has to offer as well as the teachers and their willingness to help whenever possible.
Emily (Student), Forest Lake, MN
I was having an extremely difficult time staying afloat at my public school. The students were often ruthless and incredibly cruel which made staying mentally stable awfully hard. Wolf Creek gave me a place where I could feel safe and connected with people on a more personal level. The teachers at Wolf Creek have been incredibly flexible and willing to work with me when I am having a rough patch, which has been really encouraging. The small number of people on campus made it easier to talk with people and make friends without the harsh outside pressure that a large number of students would have. Each teacher has been super helpful and accepting when I have questions and they always push me to do my best work even when I feel like I've lost it. Overall I am really grateful for my experience at Wolf Creek having been so incredible.
A. (Student), Chisago City, MN
I am a Wolf Creek student because I moved out on my own when I was fifteen years old. Being a student at Wolf Creek allows me to have a flexible homework schedule and gives me the opportunity to do my homework where I want. I have been working all throughout high school to support myself so being able to do my school work early in the morning, late at night, or during my breaks at work is very important to me. Another aspect of Wolf Creek is how they offer personalized class schedules. I added extra classes to my schedule so I was able to get ahead in my credits and become a PSEO student. Wolf Creek also provided me with a learning manager, this was very helpful because I was able to check in with someone who knows me and can give me personalized help.
Brooke (Student), Chisago City, MN
I get to stay home with my animals all day long and this may sound rude, but I like my animals more than people I feel like they’re more civilized. I also think that it’s an alternative to interaction with people every day for those of us who are introverts. Or that it gives us a different learning technique that works better for us than the one that is most commonly used. Basically it’s a school that teaches students in a closer atmosphere with more student-teacher time that caters to everyone’s needs. A school better fit for those who are hard-working or have a difficult life schedule that doesn’t allow the time for the hours required for your everyday school. Honestly, it fits my personality and allows me to be me not some artificial person some people expect me to be. Thank You!
M. (Student), Stacy, MN