TRIO Wolf Creek Online HS Class Of 2020
Class Of 2020 Graduation Information

TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School held a wonderful contactless diploma pick-up for the class of 2020 on Thursday, June 4th, and Friday, June 5th, in the campus parking lot. The current social distancing guidelines brought about a unique situation for Wolf Creek students and staff alike. Director Tracy Quarnstrom noted, “that the school board wanted to celebrate each graduate but also model proper social distancing guidelines and community responsibility”. The Wolf Creek Class of 2020 consisted of 64 graduating seniors. During the diploma pick-up event, all Wolf Creek staff members celebrated the tremendous accomplishments of each graduate individually with them in a manner approved by the MDE. Since Wolf Creek embraces a Learning Manager or advisor model the staff were also able to create individual videos for each senior that highlighted their specific high school experiences. Wolf Creek wished to maintain the small school atmosphere even in our virtual commencement and that was achieved through the hard work of all the staff at Wolf Creek.

Graduates arrived in their caps and gowns where they were congratulated, celebrated, and awarded their Wolf Creek diplomas. Each graduate and their families were treated to graduation portraits. Graduates were given a personalized swag bag full of graduation celebration items and accompanied by a memory stick loaded with a virtual commencement ceremony. Below are a few excerpts from the virtual commencement address by the Director of the Charter School, Tracy Quarnstrom.

“Congratulations! We want to personally congratulate each Wolf Creek graduate. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and everyone who supported you. Graduates, look around and think of people who are not with you physically right now. Take a moment to thank them in your mind and personally later for all of their support of you throughout the years.

Let’s talk about the word commencement. Commencement means a beginning or start. This is your graduation, your commencement, your start of life beyond high school. We are so excited for you. Today is your day! Today is the start of something special. The future is waiting for you! We know right now things can look uncertain but with the resilience, you have already shown we know you will do great things to make our world a better place now and into the future.

We applaud you for being an online learning student before online learning was the norm. You knew what school would look like even when other elements of traditional school and our society fell away. You were able to continue your studies with a curriculum that was created to be used in a virtual environment and you can be assured that you received a high-quality education here at Wolf Creek. For that, you should be very proud.”

~ Tracy Quarnstrom

What we believe about the Class of 2020:

  • We believe that you have learned about resilience in ways no other senior class has in our history.
  • We believe that you are better poised to enter the digital world than most high school students.
  • We believe that you will value connections in new ways when we return to a new sense of normal in our society.
  • We believe that you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to.

The virtual ceremony also included a slide show of each Wolf Creek graduate, as well as personal accounts of each student’s dreams and aspirations, post-secondary plans, and favorite memories of Wolf Creek. A beautiful solo performance of “Whenever You Remember” by Carrie Underwood sung by Wolf Creek graduate Keegan Miller was recorded. Tracy Quarnstrom, Wolf Creek Director and member of the Chisago Lakes Lions awarded a Lions scholarship to Kaylee Linda. The WOW Compassion Scholarship was awarded to Alexis Peterson, and both Brandon Good and MacKenzie Karas received the Wolf Creek Alumni scholarship. The Wolf Creek staff and school board would like to congratulate the class of 2020 and wish all the graduates much success in their future endeavors and a lifetime of learning and happiness.

2020 TRIO Wolf Creek Online High School Graduating Class

Violet Rose Anderson (Chisago City)
Clara Ann Ball (White Bear Lake)
Rylie Taylor Baxley (Andover)
Kyle James Berdahl (Cambridge)
Jessica Ludmila Bies (Stacy)
Nathaniel D.R. Bohnen (Forest Lake)
Tryniti Jayde Bollin (Chisago City)
Nicole Elizabeth Borden (Lindstrom)
Alexis Ann Bostic (Forest Lake)
Damian J. Bronson (Stacy)
Alyssa Lee Dickinson (Lino Lakes)
Gary Alan Dixon (St. Paul)
Gavin Michael Donahue (Lino Lakes)
Blake Gerrit Erickson (Stacy)
Tanner James Faltisek (Forest Lake)
Tony Lee Ford (Wyoming)
Jarid Timothy Schaar Glynn (Taylors Falls)
Brandon Scott Good (Stillwater)
Jacob Ross Grundhofer (Stacy)
Jake Joseph Guzik (Lindstrom)
Alyshia Carmela Hanser (Chisago City)
Gideon James Harrington (Harris)
Bren Hertaus (Forest Lake)
Alexandra Grace Hervig (Scandia)
Ryan Joseph Hoffman (Stacy)
Samuel P. Hunt (Brooklyn Park)
Brooklinn Leigh Huss (Hugo)
Nicole Ann Jensen (Hugo)
MacKenzie Lynn Karas (Wyoming)
Collin David Kepner (Isanti)
Alyssa F. LaCroix (Pine City)
Jakob Ardo Wrobel (Albertville)
Kaylee Jean Linda (Stacy)
Alleshia Lynn Makarenko (Hugo)
Keegan Joy Miller (Wyoming)
Kayla Ann Misenor (Forest Lake)
Isabelle Lea Mitchell (Shafer)
Drew Moody (Stacy)
Anna Marie Nelson (Stillwater)
Austin Micheal Noha (East Bethel)
Jared T. Nuebel (Wyoming)
Alexis Alane Peterson (Palisade)
Emily Hanna Pogue (Wyoming)
Owen Shawn Patrick Quinn (Stacy)
Dustin Tyler Rakowiecki (Rush City)
Nathan D. Reiter (Forest Lake)
Hailey Nicole Riggs (Forest Lake)
Jennifer Lynn Romanowicz (North Branch)
Amber Marie Romleski (Chisago City)
Dennis Allen Schlemmer Jr. (Stillwater)
Brittney Scott (Wyoming)
Brandon Scott Simon (Stacy)
Maria Grace Sperry (Pine City)
Rianna Marie Stromberg (Circle Pines)
Haleigh Marie Taylor (Scandia)
Nathan Thomas Vanderslice (Forest Lake)
Edwin Vazquez (Chisago City)
Trevor Charles Vobr (Lindstrom)
Amanda Marie Wallin (Brooklyn Center)
Alexia Lynn Watson (Forest Lake)
Hailey McKenna Wilbur (North Branch)
Jaden Lawerence Williams (East Bethel)
Peter Joseph Wilson (Forest Lake)
Jakob Ardo Wrobel (Albertville)